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Jamilla, was born in Brooklyn, NY, but spent much of her childhood transitioning between Brooklyn, New York and Nashville, North Carolina. By the time Jamilla turned 18, she had experienced the pain of great loss, losing her grandparents, her parents, and a half-brother. “Life” has taught her to be strong when faced with adversity, mentally and spiritually. The Army taught her to be strong physically. She spent 3 years in the United States Army and 3 years in the National Guard. After her military time expired, she transitioned back home to Rocky Mount, NC. She received her formal education from Edgecombe Community College and North Carolina Wesleyan College where she has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.


Current day, Jamilla is best known for being a minister of the gospel, a motivational speaker, an author, an encouraging voice, a mom, newly married to the love of her life, Darrell Johnson, and a great friend to many. She passionately believes that ministry starts at home. She also devotes a lot of time to her women’s group: Sisters, Let’s Giv’em Something to Talk About. Her group meets on a monthly basis to encourage women to live a more excellent life, both spiritually and naturally. Jamilla is a faithful and devoted leader to her church, Rise Church, Rocky Mount, NC. She is genuinely a humble servant of the Lord and her story is proof that success is NOT about resources. It’s about being resourceful and ambitious. It’s about pressing forward in spite of life’s challenges and nay-sayers.


Jamilla knows that her calling to serve as a motivational force will further push women to find out who they were created to be and for what reason they were put on this Earth in the first place. Earning the title “mid-wife” to many people, Jamilla continues to challenge women across the country to birth the visions that have been given to them. 

And she will NEVER stop!

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